PBN expands the network with a chapter in the the Neterlands

Covid does not stop PBN to grow internationally. Omar Al Sadeh, a young talent living in Haag, has taken the noble mission to start a dutch chapter.

During the evening of the first day of April 2021, PBN held its initial startup meeting building a chapter in the Netherlands. Omar Al Sadeh the appointed Key Account Manager and Ambassador for the chapter has been waiting for his examinations to end so he could focus on the network and its growth. He is confident that the Dutch-Palestinians will create a highly valuable chapter aiming to support Palestinians in the dutch society and create more role models and success stories that strengthen the Palestinian identity.
As a member of the Young Democrats, he has a strong incentive to show his heritage from the good side by a network that empowers the Dutch-Palestinains to become successful.

Networking is a great way to access the business environment in the Netherlands. It is an important step for better integration in society that creates added values for everyone.
We do so by activities that connect the members in a platform where they can learn from each other and share experiences and opportunities.

The work on the yearly agenda containing meetups, lectures, and other activities is ongoing. As a team, we do arrange events that give us added value under the flag of knowledge. As a member, you also have the opportunity to attend events and meetups in other countries. My job is to make connections with you with the most suitable resource in the network that can be of your benefit and what I do not find in the network locally I surely can put you in touch with someone globally, says Omar. 

For more questions on how you become a member of this or another chapter, do not hesitate to reach out to Omar or another one in the Team.