conquering firstly Europe and then the rest of the world in our quest to strengthen our Palestinianess.  

Five years have passed. To be honest, I thought it would take less time than it has been to reach this phase, and it was looking really good in the beginning. I know better today that the wave is going high and fast and eventually it slows down and dissolves.
Waiting for the second wave has been an emotional rollercoaster. It’s like running with a dog..just when it goes smoothly and you reach the mindset that keeps you going, the dog stops and is stuck in one spot, nor responding on command, nor treat. Suddenly the dog snaps, and you are in control, running again with the thought, “when will the damn dog stop again and what can I do to prevent it?” and “if it stops how can I make the dog start running again?”.
In the startup world, it is the same, particularly when it comes to innovative ideas. It is a bumpy road and those who succeed are those who never give up and have the patience to keep on motivating the team to pursue the target.
We all knew that PBN would be handled as a startup, the only difference was that this is nobody’s full-time job. We did not know ‘how’ nor ‘what’. Like all teams, some stay, some go, and some come back after a while. I am happy with the devoted individuals and all we have accomplished till now.
The network has reached a new phase. We have found the right framework built on agile principles and the use of flexibility to be able to adapt good changes to become better, stronger, and more diverse.
PBN has initiated its global journey towards an international community based on Palestinian descendants and their friends.
Even if our parent’s homeland, culture, and food is what connects us, we still have many things uncommon. There are language barriers, mixed cultures, different living environments, and of course political and socio-economical differences.
On the contrary, we choose to see it from a different angle. It is an opportunity for a widely spread ethnic community with a large scale of diversity. Palestine has always been this way, the land who the greatest walked upon and left a mark! We are the descendants from the cradle and almost all civilisations. This is coded in our DNA and gathers us as an open, generous, and entrepreneurial folk group.
It is Easter day, one of many holy days sprung out from Palestine. As we all live in different counties across the world, we have learned new traditions from our societies on how these days are celebrated and remembered. Diversity is our asset, our tool for success.
With this strength, we are confident on our path towards conquering firstly Europe, then the rest of the world in our quest to strengthen our Palestinianess.
Do not hesitate and join us today to become a part of Palestine!
Happy Easter
Pierre Aleani
Pierre Aleani

Pierre Aleani

Founder & International Relations