Palestinians have little choice but to adopt technologies and practices that can radically improve the conservation of soil quality, water resources, and other agricultural inputs. This could enable the sector to grow sustainably to serve a growing population despite the challenges. Adopting more advanced technology. 

“Article in TWIP: Tackling Environmental challenges by Z. Abudacka & H. Othman”

The last issue of This Week in Palestine kickstart, in my point of view, an invitation for innovations within Agritech. Of course, there is a clear why and the huge need to find proper and cost-effective solutions which keep the environment intact and sustainable.  

As a Swedish-Palestinian operating among the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Scandinavia, I know there is a huge concentration around agricultural technology. And innovations are created where sustainability is the keyword. And this is only this part of the world.
My thoughts go strickly to a testbed to try out new technology and learn the agricultural sector about the new processes and products created all around the world. That should be the first priority of the NGOs that are operating in Palestine together with the government of course. Here the research centers and inventors can test their inventions in a real environment with huge difficulties.
If the innovations work for Palestine then they will work most part of the world, I romanticize.

This week’s issue is, like always, very interesting and gives once again real insight into the Palestinian society, market, and economy.

Pierre Aleani
International Relations
Palestinian Business Network