Was founded in 2016 in Gothenburg, Sweden by diaspora Palestinians with the idea to attract and connect talented individuals to an international business network.

With now present in the 3 largest cities in Sweden, the network began to expand to neighboring countries with the goal to have active groups in every capital in the EU till 2025. Today PBN got over 2000 members spread mostly in Sweden and Denmark with 55% female members. During monthly meetups the participant members who are of Palestinian background or share the values of the network exchange knowledge and experience with each other. It is two-hour sessions where they learn to know and work together meanwhile participating in presentations, seminars, and workshops, among other educational activities.

Pierre Aleani
Internationational Relations

What Do we offer

We are a profit-driven and non-political organization registered in the most democratic country, Sweden!

  • International Network with physical and virtual meetups.
  • Members learn to know each other, work together and learn from each other.
  • Early adopters and brand ambassadors.
Our Values

Givers gain mindset, a transparent environment, and equality are our core values.

Vision – An international business network
Mission Statement – Empowering Palestinians in the society they live in to create success stories and role models that strengthen the Palestinian Identity.
Goal – A physical chapter in every European capital city by 2025.