Zeid Khalil is the fourth PBN ambassador in Palestine taking the responsibility of Ramallah the city of opportunities. 

Zeid Khalil is an aspiring business leader and entrepreneur, his huge network within the Ramallah social and business community is a great asset to the PNB ambassador team, his keen understanding of the business environment in Ramallah and Palestine, coupled with his higher educational background and 13+ years of working experience within different sectors, will provide a strong benchmark for business owners to meet business seekers, and investors to find profitable opportunities. When he is not chasing his ambition, he would certainly be mingling around in Ramallah local coffee-shops, restaurant, and social events. Which makes him an expert on giving you a fast-track feel of its social scene -which by all means is rich in Ramallah-. He knows where to be, when to be, and with whom you should be. Information he is more than happy to share anytime. He is currently supervising the sales operations at “The National Bank” TNB, while founding “CrowdPoll” a tech-startup company, working in the field of data gathering and analysis, targeting businesses, organizations, and governments within the MENA region.

Why did I take this responsibility?

As much as I believe, that Palestinians need to change from within in order for Palestine to be free, but no tree blossoms without strong roots. I believe that Palestinians have strong root coming from its educated, successful, well established diaspora, in addition to its international freedom lovers and supports from all over the world. I took this role as “Ramallah Ambassador” because I aspire to play my role in connecting my beloved city to the local, and international network of educators, decision makers, investors, and business icons around the world. I believe that my experience as a founding board member in several communities and Palestinian organizations such as The Arab Sexuality Forum ”Muntada”, and The Live Action Role Playing Community “Bait Byout” will contribute tremendously to the success of Ramallah’s Chapter of the Palestinian Business Network PBN. As an Ambassador I will strive to utilize, and build on the fact that Ramallah is the political, economic, and social hub of Palestine, to bring political and law-makers to ease the path for educators and business owners to provide a fruitful workplace for our hungry human capital in a sustainable model that will attract foreign investment into the Palestinian Market with will guarantee a prosperous tomorrow.

Zeid Khalil

Zeid Khalil

Ramallah Ambassador

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