Enjoy Palestine

The trip of your lifetime

We made it so can you!

Palestine will be the destination everyone will talk about the upcoming 10 years. Be sure to visit and it is fully recommended thought the political tension. 

In April 2019 I made my dream trip to Palestine. For a month i explored the countries all corners including -48 territories (except Gaza). My mission was to understand the under-layer of the living and the entrepreneurial environment and see the strength of the network . My only plans was the flight ticket, the dates and that i would have a desk at Paltrade office in Ramallah, whom I met on my last trip with the Swedish trade delegation.
I also had the chance to participate with a group from Sweden for 10 days during my stay.

Just one day before my trip I dedcided to rent an apartment in the middle of Ramallah which has arranged by the members of PBN. It was situated at the Arafat square. This was my first experience that in the region there was always several names on a geographical position. One in Arabic, English, Hebrew and one for the common people that just called things what they where. In this case Dawar El saa, (The clock´s roundabout) since it use to have a large monument with a clock in the middle of the roundabout.

Arafat Square | Dawar El Saa

My first day was concentrated in food. Palestinian food is delicious and there where food depots everywhere. I started with a Hummus with mice meet and a sweet tea. With the dish there are always complementary mazes so do not be surprised or scared since it is included in the prices. And that is one of the things in Palestine there is always something pleasant and friendly included in every contact with the locals.

If you are looking for talented entrepreneurs then look in Palestine and in particular Ramallah!

There is not other place on earth there is so concentration of Incubators, Accelerators, Makers places, Co-working places as in Ramallah. They are operated and funded by local initiative and NGOs from all over the the world. More and more VCs and angel investors are turning their eyes toward the talented young generation that is putting all their energy into the highly interesting startups. The Universities, in particular Birzeit have entrepreneurship highly prioritized on the agenda to provide the market with well educated, talented and early experienced graduates.

Rawabi city is an great an ambitious project initiated by Bashar El-Masri. He is a serial entrepreneur with the vision of a Palestinian city built with sustainability and democracy as a foundation. I met with the CEO Jack Nasser who showed me around the city and explained the background and the long term goals. Me and Jack connected thru PBN when he was studying in London. To my impression this is a milestone for Palestine and for sure a landmark that we exist not only in history but also in the future. We can and will.

The Arab – American University in Jenin was really impressive and honestly not expected in its size and and amount of students graduating every year.

Conference for strategic development of Jerusalem

Palestine are for sure involved in deeply in it´s development in particular Jerusalem from both political, religious and historical point of view. PBN and I was honored to participate in a conference for strategic development of Jerusalem at the Palestinian National Authority headquarters in Ramallah. There are three areas where investments must be done and highly depends on international community efforts, which means International Palestinians. Heavy investments will be done in Housing and accommodations, Tourism and sustainable entrepreneurship. PBN can be a key figure to reach the set goals in this strategy.

Three continents | Three Seas | Three Regions |Three Religions & many Ancient cultures

There is now doubt that Palestine had an important role in the region and the development of the worlds largest cultures. Geographically Palestine is situated in between Africa, Europe and Asia. It’s a path way all ancient history. They say that Jericho (Ariha) is the oldest civilization found on earth with archaeological remains of 11000 years (9000BC) it is older than Egypt and the Persian civilization. And this is significant to what Palestine has to offer when it comes to archaeological excavations and there are new findings till today.