Palestinian Business network in Nablus is now official

Palestinian Business Network Kickstarted it´s Palestinian road trip to open chapters in Palestine and connect the diaspora network with the Palestinian business environment.

The evening of monday Nablus companies, startups, community builders attended the first PBN meetup in Nablus and in Palestine which was hosted by Nablus Businessmen Forum.
The where all welcomed by Students from Al Najah University into an joyful and energetic presentation and workshop by Pierre Alwani, Co-founder of PBN that was visiting Nablus from Sweden.

There where great discussions on how Palestinian market can benefit from the PBN initiative and the obstacles that the business environment have today. Palestine suffers today of many things but for sure have potential to go beyond the obstacles that are identified. One of the issues that Palestinian Businessmen Forum experienced was the distance between traditional business and today’s startups that often released on digital business with potentials of a global market.


Ass. Prof. Mona Nabil Demaidi

Ass. Prof. Mona Nabil Demaidi

Nablus Ambassador

Pictures from the event

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