Finders fee PBN Ambassador for Ramallah

We have not been able to find a suitable person that can take the role as PBN Ambassador in Ramallah.  In our quest to expand PBN internationally are now looking for an suitable ambassador that can host our monthly meetups in Ramallah. It is an important role which is...

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Jerusalem has found a PBN Ambassador

Layer Bashir Assi is a pointed as Ambassador for the important PBN chapter in Jerusalem. It a moment of raising a flag over Mount Everest and a big achievement for PBN to have a chapter in the capital.  This recruitment was successful in the way of Bashirs experience...

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Reema AbuShaheen PBN ambassador in Jenin

Choosing Reema AbuShaheen was no brainer. She is well connected to the Palestinian business environment and working with different organizations that actively connects international organizations with Palestinian community and she is working since 2017 as Palestine...

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Mona Demaidi Nablus Ambassador

Let us present PBNs first Ambassador Mona Dimaidi for our Nablus Chapter.  Why I am taking this responsibilityI have worked and volunteered with several initiatives in Palestine and worldwide which aims to help the community in several perspectives. I do believe that...

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Habibi Socks Habibi

OF COURSE YOU SHOULD HAVE THE SOCKS!!Support the HABIBI initiative here…/palisocks_by_habibi_worldwide…thanks Daoud Ghannam for sharing!

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