There are only few steps toward a bright future. Human capital along capital are needed to have fun along the way.

From all over the world we will find entrepreneurs and match them with investors in our network base, not only that!
We will use the network as a platform for reaching Early adopters, Mentors, Consultants and Brand ambassadors.

I know a bit but not everything

You might be an experienced investor or thinking to become one. Together we exchange the know-how and support each other toward more successful investments.

PBN will hold session to strengthen our skills and do better investment. These sessions will be held around all our chapters and both by our members and other skilled persons that can teach us more. 


This is the beginning..

Palestinian Business Network (PBN) has since 2016  had the goal to connect Palestinians among their friends around the world to create a strong platform where business are made in a sustainable way. Our plan is to grow with our members where education is essential. The more educated members the more valuable network.

To take this to a higher level and make it more interesting and fun PBN will combine individuales that would like to invest in startups where there is at least one founder that has a Palestinian background.  Since we are in an initial phase we are open on how the framework will be created. Don’t hesitate to connect if you have something interesting to share

Pierre Alwani

Pierre Alwani

Pierre Alwani

Founder & International Ambassador